Why Choose Us?

We're just like you. Hardworking women professionals who need a break at times, and something to look forward to that is not a routine. So, because we get it, we're making it easier for you to take a break too.

no planning

The only thing we want you to plan, is to use your vacation days. We've been there, no more vacay days left on the table. Besides, you work hard and we want you to have something to look forward to outside of the daily routine.

no need to find a travel partner

You don't need to convince your friends to take a trip with you, and not everyone wants to travel solo. Don't worry, we'll keep you company for the weekend. Our group will be hardworking women just like you looking to getaway. So, you'll also be able to connect with other women. Or, you're always welcomed to bring your girl bestie.

no stress

On these escapes we get away from everything, including everyday stresses of life. This is your time to relax, slow down and unwind.

Group of women sitting outdoors with wine and gossiping. Diverse group of female friends h


The price of our escapes includes, food, a group activity such as yoga, as well as a possible local outing depending on our location, for example it could be a winery or private sunset cruise. We also will look to include a Private Chef experience to end our escape.